The meeting between singer/songwriter Robin Dirksen and her two producers/machines, Robin Veldman and Jaap Wiewel was a classic case of momentum.

First, the Herman Brood Academy Student had little to no experience doing studiowork and just like that she met homonymous producer Robin (Veldman) in the bathroom of his own studio. Following is a short re-enactment of the moment:


“Hi, I’m Robin, I am a singer and songwriter.”

“Hi, I’m also Robin, this is my studio.”

Together with producer, Jaap Wiewel, Robin Veldman was working on other projects and figured the songwriter could step by to write something since they, of course, carried the same name and were there for equally as brilliant. 


The three formation ended up working incredibly well, creating a fresh sound in which all components fit each-other perfectly. The hiphop based beats, the interesting chords and the unique synth sounds complimented by melodic singing and rhythmic lyrics became what is now known as the AVA NOVA sound. "Poppy but unpolished" if you will. 

It did not take long for the decisive text to reach the Singer: “Don’t you think it is time for your own EP?”


Since then AVA NOVA released several singles and the anticipated first EP “As You Please” arrived in February 2019.

They are currently performing but first of all working on their debut Album, which will be released on the Singers birthday next year. On Februari 6th 2020 at Paard, The Hague, AVA NOVA will be presenting their debut Album during their amazing release Show ‘AVA NOVA and Friends’.